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Nick is an ex-angel with a low boredom threshold, a bad attitude and a hankering for an easy life in a house with a fireplace that doesn’t have rising damp. He also has an accidental reputation as a rebel with a cause, so now he’s found himself in charge of an underground resistance movement. 

Zoe’s not completely happy with the way her life has turned out but she’s even less impressed with her death. She finds herself in a place of perpetual contentment and bureaucratic rules administered by the pragmatic Angela. While most of the afterlife's population enjoy their eternity with the aid of an elixir which ensures they forget their loved ones, Zoe doesn't want to forget.

Zoe doesn’t know she needs Nick and Nick doesn’t want a trouble maker like Zoe but if Nick’s organisation doesn’t find Zoe first, she’s liable to be rendered involuntarily content.

Zoe finds herself wrestling with whether she could be herself without her memories, whether her right to make the wrong choice trumps the happiness of the whole society and what it would take to be happy for eternity.

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"AfterZoe is brilliant in its imaginings of life after death and the realities of Heaven....I was absorbed by this story from beginning to end. Hickie’s writing style is so easy to read, and so very Australian.Heather Kinnane           
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From the author:
A long time ago, I saw a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Nimrod Theatre with a 23 year old Mel Gibson as Romeo. The next day, walking past Gowings in George St, it suddenly struck me that all those dead Montagues and Capulets were just going to wake up in the afterlife and start it all up again. How was that going to work?

Over time I gathered characters and ideas that sprang from that first thought. So, this novel is not Romeo and Juliet's story, but that's where it started.

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